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Lady Yudy’s  love for music, entertaining & performing started when she was at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). Singing became a major means of expression for her and a treasured way to celebrate and connect with her God. Born in the 70’s in Ikoyi, Lagos state to the Udoffa family from Akwa Ibom, Lady Yudy’s real name is Uduak Udoffa.

 She grew up loving to sing and dance and as a young child, she organized the neighborhood kids to form a dance group and became their dance instructor. She started writing her own songs when she was a teenager. She studied Pharmacy in the University of Lagos and later bagged an MBA in Lagos State University.

 A devout Christian, she attends House on The Rock, a Ministry headed by the dynamic Pastor Paul Adefarasin. In 2012, she rebranded herself as Lady Yudy and released her first album and video on YouTube with Sosongho as the title track.

 In 2019 she began work on her latest single, Gbe Bodi – Nek Unek, an Afro Hip Hop dance track , and the audio and video are set to drop before the close of the year. A prolific singer/ songwriter, she is inspired by music icons such as Donny Mc Clurkins, Michael Jackson, Sammy Okposo and Whitney Houston, and continues to write captivating songs in the inspirational and Gospel music genre.

Beautiful, Intelligent, high energy performer & entertainer

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Lady Yudy's Lastest Music Video- Nek Unek

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